Step 21 to Selling Your Home: Schedule the Closing Date on your Calendar

Now that the Inspection Period has ended, the Review Period is over and the Appraisal is done, it’s safe to put the closing date on your calendar.  You, as the Seller, do NOT typically attend closing; rather your title company will have you pre-sign all of the paperwork.  

Therefore, plan to contact your title company rep about 7-10 days before closing to set up a time to pre-sign the closing documents.

Closings CAN get delayed by a day or two.  Please stay flexible and keep that in mind. 

Read>>My Closing Date Keeps Getting Pushed Back from  Here are the main reasons:

  • Your buyer hasn't sold their house yet (or THEIR deal fell through).
  • Your buyer can't get financing. This happens more often than it should.
  • Your buyer lost their job or switched jobs without telling their lender.
  • A title issue came up with your home.
  • Buyer's Lender requires additional documentation.
  • Agreed upon repairs are not complete by Seller.
  • There are new problems at the final walk through.

We have seen others, but those are the biggest ones!  Follow our lead and things should go just fine!  This is exactly why you hired us!

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