Step 25 to Buying your Home: Change your Address

Now that you have closed, there are a BUNCH of places where you will need to update your address.  We tried to cover the majority of them below. Print out this list and check them off as you go!

Insurance Companies:
     Life insurance
     Health insurance
     Auto Insurance
     Home Insurance

     Checking and Savings accounts / Investment accounts

     Drivers license
     State ID

Credit Cards:
     Visa / Mastercard / Amex
     Store Cards (Kohls, WalMartJCPenney, other independent stores)

Your Employer!


School District and Colleges

Park District:
     Sports clubs, dance classes, music classes, t-ball, etc

Cell Phone company

Utility companies
     Gas, electric, water, sewer, cable, internet, etc

Health Clubs and Gyms

Magazines and Newspapers

Stock and Mutual Fund companies
     Fidelity, Vanguard, Ameritrade, etc

Online Store accounts (ie different from credit cards)

Yep, there are A LOT of places you need to change your address!  If you come up with another one, send us email and let us know!  We will add it to the list for future clients!

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