Step 26 To Selling Your Home: Mortgage Approval and Clear to Close

A few days before the closing date, the buyer should get the "Clear to Close" from his or her mortgage lender.  This means the buyer’s mortgage has been approved and the title company/closing agent can schedule the closing date!

Once a closing date, time and location have been scheduled by the attorneys, the buyer’s Realtor will schedule the final walk through of the property.  This usually takes place the day before closing and is a chance to make sure the property is still in the same condition it was during the inspection and that we have fixed any agreed upon repairs. 

In addition, in Florida, all attached items such as shelving, light fixtures, curtain rods, etc. are required to stay and transfer with the property so the buyer checks that those items are still there as well.  Once the closing has been scheduled, you should reach out to your title company rep and arrange a time to pre-sign the documents.

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