Step 4 To Selling Your Home: Conduct a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

We are strong proponents of Pre-Sale Home Inspections, especially for single family homes.  Plus, if your home has been a rental property for a few years, there might be deferred maintenance that should be completed before you list your home with us!

This means you pay a Home Inspector to inspect your home BEFORE it goes on the market.  The cost for this is usually between $375 – $450. It allows you to fix any items that come up in the inspection report BEFORE the home goes on the market. Sometimes buyers will even waive doing their own inspection if they can read your inspection report.  

If you’d like to do a Pre-Sale Home inspection, let us know and we will arrange for it.  If you want, we can even be present for the inspection so you don’t have to take any additional time off work.  

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