Step 8 to Buying a Home: Schedule a Home Inspection

Once a contract has been submitted, schedule a home inspection asap. It can always be cancelled if we can’t come to terms on the contract.

Ideally, the inspection should occur within the next 2-3 days, however, during the busy summer months, inspectors may be booked out up to a week or more in advance.  It’s important that the home inspection occur quickly as it often takes the inspector 1-2 days to write the report after the inspection. Once the report is written we still need some time to review the report and ask the seller for any credits or repairs before the attorney review period ends, which is typically 5 business days in IL. 

Plan to attend the inspection which will take approximately 2 hours for a condo and 3 hours for a single family home. Inspectors usually only work Mon – Fri and do not work evenings or weekends so you will probably need to arrange to be off work for the inspection. Wear comfortable clothes which can get dirty as the inspector may want to show you something in the basement, on the roof, etc.  

Our favorite home inspectors are:

Coast 2 Coast Home Inspections
Frank Jensen
239-908-1721, [email protected]

A Handy Home Inspector
Bob Cantu
239-340-0375, [email protected]Empty control

First Class Home Services
Steven Taylor

Once the inspection is scheduled, let us know so we can confirm that day and time will work with the seller’s Realtor.  

Plan to bring your checkbook or credit card to the inspection to pay the inspector.

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