Step 8 to Selling Your Home: We Will Pre-Market Your Home

While the professional photos are being edited, we’ll market your home to other Realtors before it’s even on the market (what’s called a Coming Soon listing) by executing the below strategies. We’ll discuss which tactics make the most sense for your property and situation:

  • Advertise your home on our MLS' Private Listing Network as a Coming Soon listing.  This is a great way to expose your home to top Realtors before it goes on the market. This is only available to Realtors
  • Create a "Coming Soon" Facebook campaign to a targeted demographic most likely to buy your home.
  • Create and print professional brochures for inside your home
  • Install a For Sale sign in your yard
  • Create a Single Property Website for your home. (ie:
  • Put a lockbox on your property for showings

Depending on your schedule, we can market your home as "Coming Soon" for a few days or a few weeks!  It just depends on how soon you are ready

Generally, all of the above steps take 3-4 days.  Once we have the professional photos back, your property will go live in the MLS!

Questions? Call us at (239) 420-9011 or email us at Rich(at)movetocapecoral(dot)com.

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